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About Gary:

Hot Springs, Arkansas - October 1997


Name: Gary Drum - baby boomer. Sure, blame us for all your problems!
Place of Birth: Rochester, New York - second-largest city in New York State

Greece Olympia High School - in Greece, New York - home of the Spartans!

The Greece Post- follow the Spartans in the Greece newsweekly

Hamilton College - A.B. (Philosophy, Classics)

Delta Phi Fraternity - oldest continually operating social fraternity
Chi Chapter of Delta Phi - check out my brothers on "The Hill"
WHCL FM 88.7 - where I first started in broadcasting!

Univ. of Tennessee - M.S., Ph.D. (Communications)

Career: Associate Professor: Dept. of Communication and Theatre, Lambuth University

Gary's Hobbies and Interests:

Sports: in-line skating, roller hockey, ice hockey, soccer, bicycling
Collecting: Hardy Boys books (in the original, longer and more interesting editions)
Movies - over 270 in my video library at the moment
Model railroads: (N-scale: Amtrak and Burlington Northern)
Internet: surfing, designing web pages
Political Activism: Fighting racism, sexism, ethnocentrism and homophobia

Gary's Favorite Things:

Montreal Canadiens (and Hall of Famer Yvan Cournoyer!)
Toronto Blue Jays
Buffalo Bills - (hey, at least they get to the Super Bowl!)
The University of Tennessee Volunteers - GO VOLS!
Lambuth University Eagles - (of course!)
Walt Whitman - America's greatest poet!



In loving memory of Scooter -  who let me live with her - - - May 30, 1980 - September 10, 1998

Scooter's Tribute Page


Honda Civic Si

My 1999 electron blue pearl Honda Civic Si


The Gulf Coast - my favorite vacation spot

Gulf coast beach scene

This is what Gulf Shores, Alabama! or Pensacola Beach, Florida! looks like!


San Francisco!!!! - the most fabulous city I've ever seen San Francisco skyline


and . . . .of course . . . .

Walt Disney World - April 1998

Gary's Interesting - and Fun - Web Sites

Davis-Kidd Booksellers and Cafe- a great bookstore, cafe and fun place to visit!
Varsity Video - Jackson, TN - Check out their great movie WWW links!
Pathfinder - Time-Warner's site, Time, SI, Fortune, Money, People and Entertainment Weekly
The Dilbert Page - Sign up for Dogbert's Ruling Class newsletter
The Official alt.fan.dan.quayle Homepage - Murphy Brown's favorite site (heh heh)
The White House - very graphics intensive, but informative
Thomas: Congressional Resources on the Net - Congressional database
Library of Congress - many searchable databases
Yahoo Search Engine - find ANYTHING on the Web
Hotbot!  - another great search engine

Gary's Favorite Media Links

Public Broadcasting Service - links to program sources and local public TV stations
WKNO-TV - Channel 10 - PBS affiliate in Memphis
WLJT - Channel 11 - PBS affiliate for Jackson
National Public Radio - with several public radio links
WKNO-FM - Classic Radio - serving Memphis, Jackson, Dyersburg
WMC AM-FM-TV - Memphis radio and TV outlets
WBBJ TV-7 - Jackson's ABC affiliate
WHBQ - FOX 13 - FOX affiliate in Memphis

Great Movie Studio Sites!

Walt Disney Studios - great fun, and remember . . .Hate is Not a Family Value - Support Disney
Warner Brothers- WB film clips, audio, WB TV Network, Six Flags and more!
Paramount- current and upcoming movies, plus video releases
MCA/Universal- from movies to theme parks to book publishing to television to...Spencer Gifts(!?) The Incredible Movie Database - everything about every movie ever made

Gary's Favorite DirecTV Satellite Channels

Home in Rochester, NY - Christmas 1997


Sundance Channel- great independent film selection
The Independent Film Channel- more great independent films
The Disney Channel! - of course!
E! Entertainment Television - I can't stand talk shows, but love Talk Soup!
HBO Online - Schedules, previews, and behind-the-scenes stuff
Cinemax Online- plot your personal viewing schedule
Showtime Online - Schedules, etc., plus interactive multimedia stuff
Arts & Entertainment - where I get my nightly fix of Law and Order.
MTV - here's the place if you want a Beavis & Butthead screen saver
VH-1 - where the music videos went when MTV stopped playing music videos
BET - All the BET networks
Comedy Central - for Cartman, Kenny and friends, of course
Discovery Online - more fun than watching their cable channel actually
Turner Networks - site in progress for TBS, TCM, CNN, etc.
USA Network- the wonderful folks who bring you USA-Up All Night!
The Weather Channel- everyone talks about the weather - and so do they

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